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Products :

Thread Rolling Machines

We at Krisonsai, manufacture Thread rolling machines of 15T, 20T, 25T, 30T and 40T capacity. These machines can also be used for spline rolling applications. For the application of spline rolling, we can offer special attachment called Force Feeding.

We have also developed high speed machines for the production of fully threaded rods.

Circular Thread Rolling Dies

Thread rolls are manufactured as per the requirement of the customer. We have specialised in making Thread rolls for special applications also.

Scaffolding Pipe Rolling Machines

These machines have been designed and manufactured by M/s.Krisonsai tool craft, for the first time in India, using two roll thread rolling machine, as a substitute for three roll thread rolling machine for rolling scafolding pipes (Props, Universal Jacks & Screws(both Hollow & Solid)).

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